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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Location, Location

This eye-opening GIF shows what happens to your organs as a pregnancy progresses. Consider it a reminder of just how precious real estate is in there…. (Mashable)

Love You, Mom

Samsung, like a handful of other brands, has abandoned the schmaltzy Mother’s Day ad and taken an edgier approach to giving moms their due. (Adweek)

Color Coded

The op-ed “What Black Moms Know,” which ran in The New York Times last weekend, got lots of people talking.

Gate Check

A little Mother’s Day gift to breastfeeding flyers from New York area airports. (New York Times)

The Under-Developed Developed Country

According to the yearly State of the World’s Mothers report, the United States isn’t doing so hot when it comes to maternal health. (New York Magazine)

The Royal Baby Begins Her Reign

The little lady has an official name, but all anyone can talk about is how great Kate Middleton looked on the steps of the hospital. (CNN)

Pumped Up

Move over, brelfie. Celebs have moved on to the breast-pumping selfie. (Pop Sugar)

First Fuel

Looks like a woman’s ability to feed her baby starts well before breast milk comes into play. Prepare to learn about “womb milk.” (New Scientist)

Taking the Edge Off

This writer explains why she chose to have an epidural and will never apologize for it. (Scary Mommy)

The Ultimate Game Show

Not sure if we were in the mood during labor to, well, do anything else but go through labor, but a new game show sees how how far moms-to-be are willing to go. (New York Times)

Get In Position

A new study suggests that C-sections may be the safest way to deliver a breeched baby. (Well Blog)

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