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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Tech Tots

Just how much data does a parent really need? A new mom and writer for The Atlantic investigates her own relationship with technology, from her pregnancy apps habit to how often she checks her phone with her baby around.

Celebrity Soapbox

Zoe Saldana takes to Facebook to admit that post-baby fitness, after having her twins, is anything but easy. (Café Mom)

A Weighty Issue

An OBGYN talks frankly about the challenges that obesity in the delivery room presents. (New York Times)

Baby, Baby

Sarah Stage, the pregnant lingerie model that got attention for her super-fit figure, had her baby—and sent a message to her haters (via Instagram, naturally). (E!)

Security Breach

Alyssa Milano had a Twitter throwdown with London’s Heathrow Airport after security seized the pumped breast milk she was toting. (

Medical Miracle?

A 65-year-old German woman is expecting quadruplets—giving new meaning to the term “advanced maternal age”—but some experts aren’t convinced that her news is good news. (The Guardian)

The Wrong Dose

Narcotic painkillers that are commonly prescribed to pregnant women might not be such a good idea after all. (Science Times)

A Birth Icon Remembered

Progressive childbirth pioneer Sheila Kitzinger died, leaving behind a 50-year legacy of helping women worldwide make empowered decisions about pregnancy and delivery. (New York Times)

A Municipality for Mothers

Brooklyn’s Borough Hall jumps on the breastfeeding-room bandwagon. (New York Daily News)

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