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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

A Dad’s Duty

Ashton Kutcher, whose daughter with wife Mila Kunis was born last fall, can’t find a public men’s room with a diaper-changing table—and he wants you to locate one. (CNN)

The Male Haze

Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, writes about how having two daughters opened his eyes to the importance of supporting women. (Spoiler: It’s essential…and Sheryl Sandberg joins in on the conversation in this New York Times piece.) (Inc)

A Healthy Turnout

Turns out environment and health can impact male fertility in a major way. (Medical Xpress)

Body Talk

A pregnant lingerie model makes headline news, thanks to her abs—and the world has all kinds of opinions.

Feeding Frenzy

Have a problem with women breastfeeding on planes? Mashable says it’s time to get over it.

Setting the Bar High

Telecommunications company Vodafone Group goes way above and beyond with its ground-breaking new maternity leave policy. (Washington Post)

Cold Call

Another Washington Post piece takes an interesting look at how fear might be the driving force behind the egg-freezing trend.

Culture Critique

This new mother explores the differences between having a baby in Germany versus in the United States. (WSJ)


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