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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Working It

Burning the midnight oil lately? The Atlantic looks at how our work lives can effect an unborn baby in various unexpected ways.

Weekend Plans?

Our friends at New York Family share a bunch of fun, family-friendly things to do this weekend. (Happy Chinese New Year!) 

Real Body Talk

A photographer shows the world what actual postpartum bodies look like, and the results are inspiring. (BuzzFeed)

Sickness and Health

This woman’s account of being pregnant with breast cancer is well worth a listen. (NPR)

The Baby Maker

Pregnancy pioneer Rose E. Frisch, who did exhaustive research on the connection between body fat levels and fertility, died last month. (The New York Times)

Moving On

Yogic counsel on how to deal with the aftermath of a traumatic birth—and how to make peace with a changed bod. (Elephant Journal)

The Star of the Show

Salon comments on how the pregnancy playing out on the CW’s Jane the Virgin is refreshingly real.

Flag on the Play?

An NFL player is battling the league in the wake of a suspension involving his girlfriend’s pregnancy complications. (CBS Sports)

Out of Africa

A 23-year-old is on a mission to save mothers in Cameroon. (CNN)

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