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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


Dear Mr. President…

This woman’s open letter to the president regarding maternity leave is an eye-opener. (Huffington Post Parents)

The Future of Infertility?

A fascinating look at how the development of a bioengineered uterus could revolutionize how fertility issues are handled. (The Atlantic)

Fitter Than Ever

New evidence is showing how the physiological benefits of pregnancy can actually help athletes in the long run. (The Guardian)

Talk the Talk

Chatterboxes, rejoice! According to a new study, babbling on (and on) to your new baby is an excellent way to get the little one off to a good start. (Science of Us)

Mom to the Rescue

Japan looks to its “supermoms” in an effort to jump-start a lagging economy. (The New York Times)

Breast is Best

But only for so long, according to the criticism thrown at a woman in the UK, who says she’ll continue to breastfeed her six-year-old daughter till the tot decides she’s over it. (Redbook)

Photo Finish

These photographs of C-section babies—all taken less than a minute after birth—are straight-up stunning. (Baby Center)

Natural Selection

Actor and new mom Gaby Hoffmann never met a placenta she didn’t love (to eat). (New York Magazine)

Dear Diary

This very cool visual pregnancy journal might change the way we document the nine-month adventure. (PSFK)

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