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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


Fertility-Friendly Benefits

Facebook and Apple have started to pay for their female employees to freeze eggs—the latest move in Silicon Valley’s so-called “perks arms race.” (NBC News)

And while some might see it as a conspiracy to snatch a woman’s best working years, this writer doesn’t buy it. (

Ideal Investments

The fertility app Glow just snagged another $17 million in funding. (Tech Crunch)

And this shows why it and apps like it are such big business. (Business Insider)

Heavier Baby, Smarter Kid?

The New York Times explores how letting babies hang out in utero longer to pack on weight could pay off in the form of better test scores down the road.


Jezebel wants us to back off on talk of pregnancy weight gain and give everyone a much-needed break. (Jezebel)

Beat Breast Cancer, Bypass Breastfeeding

This cancer survivor’s story of why she doesn't breastfeed—and the judge-y reactions she got for it—is eye-opening. (Washington Post)

Mother Russia

A look at how Russia’s previously declining population (low fertility, high mortality, robust emigration) has rallied—but probably not thanks to Vladimir Putin's have-a-child-win-a-prize incentives. (Slate)

The Cravings Connection

Why do pregnant women love chocolate so much? (New York Magazine)

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