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Green Your Nursery

Going green in your nursery is easier than you may think. And I’m not talking about the color! There are so many ideas and options out there these days to make going eco-friendly a breeze. It’s every mother’s desire to bring their baby into the healthiest, safest environment possible.

This starts with a healthy pregnancy and prenatal self-care. Continuing this healthful trend from the womb to the world takes the same care. You are responsible for creating a healthful environment for your baby outside the safety and security of the womb. It’s important to keep in mind both you and your baby’s safety when building a nursery. Here are some tips to help you create the healthiest home for your newborn.

Recycle and Reduce

With our babies we want nothing but the best. So, the idea of recycling and reusing may seem unappealing at first. Hear me out. I personally was overwhelmed when I looked at the suggested lists of things to register for! Who knew babies were so expensive? I have several friends who recently had babies and they all got new baby gear for their little ones only to learn that babies grow out of or grow tired of things pretty fast. You may use that 150 dollar bouncer seat for just a few months. If you don’t have friends with unwanted baby gear, check out local consignment shops. Hand-me-downs and consignment shops are great for baby clothes as well. Of course, safety comes first! While you may find great items at a yard sale, do your homework to make sure they are up to current safety standards (no vintage drop down side cribs).


For nursery furniture, look at what you already have in the house. This can also be a good time to search yard sales or consignment shops (again). A great tip we received was to skip buying a changing table and use a dresser with a changing pad on top. When the baby no longer needs a changing pad you are left with a totally usable dresser. Look for items that can transition from infanthood to toddlerhood. Plus, vintage finds are great for adding character to your baby’s room.


Splurge wisely. Your baby will be spending a lot of time in their crib so the mattress and sheets are important items. We splurged on a crib that transforms into a toddler bed. Organic crib sheets are surprisingly affordable now. Many crib mattresses are filled with fire retardant properties and give off fumes harmful to your baby. Etsy is also a great source for finding organic and eco-friendly baby products, unique nursery accents, and essentials.

Following these simple keys I hope you are able to find making your nursery eco-friendly a love-filled experience. By simplifying, recycling, reducing, and reusing you’ll create a safe green space in which to nurture and love your baby!

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Meg Everingham

Meg (Zirm) Everingham is classically trained in ballet and translates her love of movement to teaching yoga, Pilates, barre work and mind-body wellness. A student of yoga and Pilates for over 15 years, she believes in living a natural, healthy “yoga life.” Through the study of Ayurveda, eating a plant-based diet, and this yogic lifestyle, Meg has built an extensive knowledge of holistic health, nutrition, and wellness.

Fusing her classical training with her love of movement, Meg strives to empower her clients through the freedom and strength of mind-body movement and wellness. She specializes in working with prenatal and postpardum moms in yoga, Pilates and mind-body wellness. She welcomed her baby George, to the world in July 2013!

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