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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

September 21–30



Keep your power by letting others earn your trust, Pisces mom. On Wednesday, the Sun shifts into Libra, your intimate eighth house, and your guard may go up for the next four weeks. Strengthen bonds with important people in your life, whether personal or professional. You’re willing to invest the time to nurture the strongest ones. Since you won’t have time for everyone, this is an excellent time to curate your friend list. It’s nothing to feel guilty about; it’s a natural part of parenthood. When you’re in doubt, tune in to your innate intuition. Your emotional compass will always point you in the right direction.


Blame it on your hormones, Pisces mom-to-be. For the next four weeks, while the Sun is cruising through Libra, your intimate eighth house, you may feel the heat crank with your partner—or you could have some major mood swings. While you can’t help how you feel, you can certainly choose whether (and how) to act on it. You could also feel intensely jealous of a female co-worker or friend of your partner’s. Try to determine out is something is real or if you’re just being overly sensitive (or even paranoid) before you say something you could live to regret.

By The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut

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