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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

September 21–30



What can you learn from your kids, Gemini mom? On Wednesday, the Sun grooves into Libra, your playful fifth house. For the next four weeks your mission is to inject some fun into parenting. If you’ve noticed yourself being the wet blanket lately (cue the sound of children groaning), then you know you’re overdue for your own play date! It could be as simple as impromptu dance parties, some yes days (when you try not to say no to anything—within reason) or adventures to places your kids like to go (like the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese instead of the grocery store with you). Don’t worry, the adult stuff will get done, but it may just feel less like a chore.


Show your glow, Gemini mom-to-be! For the next four weeks, the Sun glides through Libra, your glamorous and passionate fifth house. Adorn yourself with the trappings that match your mood, pregnant goddess! A body-con tube dress, like one of these from Isabella Oliver, or a pampering facial could do the trick. Or simply vow not to wear yoga pants every time you leave the house. Work externally to elevate yourself internally, especially when you feel high spirits hit low points.

By The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut

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