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Small Changes to Make 2014 The Healthiest Year Yet

Come January, we all know that just about everyone decides this is the year and the time they are going to take the next step towards being healthy and fit. While that is a worthy cause, making your New Year’s resolutions too lofty can set you up for failure. Plus, if you are a new mom or mama-to-be you already have enough on your plate! So we asked out trusty experts in nutrition, fitness, holistic health and green living to tell us what ONE change they think could have the biggest impact on your health this year. Try incorporating one of these changes into your life and you will be well on your way to the best year yet.

Change your Mindset! A moment can be viewed as “Work” or “Fun” depending on how you define it. As a Mom, it’s important to keep your mindset positive and upbeat so that you don’t become overwhelmed by to-dos or exhaustion. So instead of cooking for your family being “work”, view it as a “creative expression”. Instead of time alone with your child being “time without any child care assistance,” view it as “meaningful moments to really get to know your child.” Instead of defining your work out as “time to lose the baby weight,” tell yourself that you are going to become “stronger and even more fabulous!” As a Mom, I’ve realized how much my mindset can create my experience. Randi Zinn, Fitness and Wellness expert;

Juice and drink up! The small change that I recommend most is adding a green juice to your daily routine. I think this is the most important change because fresh juice is such a powerful healing tool and it's pretty easy to make or get! By adding fresh vegetable juice into your life you will be providing your body with live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and hydration. Drinking juice first thing is a great way to set the tone of your day and it will help you make better eating decisions throughout the day (who wants to have a green juice and then ruin that energized feeling with a stack of pancakes?!). My favorite recipe right now is: Spinach, Beet Tops, Peeled Cucumber, Green Apple, Jalapeno, Lime and Fennel. Summer Sanders, Nutrition Expert and Owner of Radiantly Raw Lifestyles

Motivate with Music I'm a huge music fiend. For me, music is the reason I became a dancer and I specifically created a fitness method centered around music because it helped me push my limits farther than I ever thought possible. I recommend taking some time to put together a playlist that you absolutely love. Pick songs with motivating tempos that make you feel like expressing yourself and moving your body. Listen to this playlist as you head out the door for a run or a fitness class and I guarantee that it will make you hit your exercise harder. This playlist can also help you get off the couch if you're having trouble motivating to exercise. You'll start associating it with moving, having a blast, sweating, and seeing some great results. What a great way for a little effort now to help you make some big changes to your fitness life! Mahri Relin, Fitness Expert and Founder of Body Conceptions

Recharge Setting time aside for yourself every week or daily to do something that gives back to you. Even if you just have 5 minutes a day to go for a walk or sit for meditation it will make all the difference. If you have more time, treat yourself to that massage or go see that new art exhibit you've been dying to get to. Anything that relaxes you and makes you feel good because you deserve it. Being a mom or mom-to-be can drain a lot of your energy, it is important to take the time to replenish so that you can continue being the super mom that you are with more strength and clarity. Naomi Edwards, Yoga Expert and instructor at Give Me Yoga andYoga 216

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