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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Big News

This piece looks at how baby announcements can help humanize high-powered CEOs. (Star Tribune)

Heavy Lifting

A CrossFit trainer is raising eyebrows, thanks to footage of her performing weighted squats. (Daily Mail)

Prenatal Namaste

A recent study shows that yoga poses once considered unsafe during certain stages of pregnancy are actually just fine. We’re looking at you, corpse pose. (Harvard Health Publications)

Going Viral

Health officials in Brazil are urging women to put off getting pregnant in the wake of an outbreak of a virus called Zika, which causes birth defects. (Refinery 29)

Do the Math

The National Center for Health Statistics released the total number of 2014 U.S. births. (New York Times)

Double Take

More twins are being born now than nearly ever before—partly due to increased fertility treatments. (Popular Science)

Close Calls

A new study illustrates how misconceptions about miscarriages abound, breaking new ground on a topic that isn't traditionally discussed. (New York Magazine)

Happy Holiday

A mom decided to breastfeed her baby on Santa’s lap and she might never hear the end of it. (Fit Pregnancy)

Keeping It Real

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen continues to take her haters to task. (Huffington Post)

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