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There are three basic truths I’ve learned since becoming a mom:

1. We all have dreams of our own (that may or may not involve our children!)

2. We all want to feel good in our body and our mind

And perhaps the biggest and most important one:

3. We all really need each other!

NYC is composed of three types of moms; the stay at home moms, the working moms and the hybrid moms like me who have some week day time at home but are also building a business or project that takes time and focus. I have now have friends who fit into all of these categories and I’ve realized that we don’t always understand one another.

But I wonder if we did, what kind of powerful things could happen? I’ve also realized that all of us, regardless of what category of mom you fit into, are seeking some kind of balance between their work life, mommy life, relationship life, and personal care time. It’s a really tough juggle for each and every one of us and we are desperate for tools to get closer to it.

The power inside the NYC mom has inspired me to build my dreams—there is so much fire, millions of ideas, and a multitude of stories that need to be told! It’s from this inspiration that I’m hosting a very special event, the first of many to come, called The Beyond Mom Mixer Series. This event is for forward-thinking mamas who are in need of an event that creates & cultivates community.

The Beyond Mom Mixer will be interactive and participatory, held in an environment that is FUN, Stylish, and most importantly, supports accountability. Attendees will be provided with the time and space to network with connected and action-oriented people who care about supporting each other. Teams will also be specifically created based on who is attending and what they need to achieve, so no more wandering around the room hoping to meet someone special.

There’s a need in this city for Moms to have one another for inspiration, information and to build one another up, one building block at a time. We have so much power inside of us and I hope you join me in sharing it.

Randi Zinn’s Beyond Mom Mixer

Randi Zinn

Randi Zinn is the founder of Beyond Mom and Born from her own experience of motherhood, and the desire for a more connected community, Beyond Mom offers mixers, events and retreats for forward-thinking New York moms. She encourages moms to cultivate a life “Beyond Mom”—one that embraces the gifts of motherhood but expresses all that they are as individuals: creators, businesswomen, thinkers, friends and so much more. Randi has partnered with Comptoir Des Cottoniers, SoulCycle, Mio Skincare, TOWN Real Estate, The Mother Company, Body Conceptions and IntenSati. Her writing has appeared in FitBump, Epoch Times and Well Rounded NY. She is a certified yoga instructor through Laughing Lotus NY and has taught since 2008.

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