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5 Healthy Holiday Recipes

This time of year can be particularly challenging when it comes to healthy eating. (Hello, cookie tray.) And when you do go for wholesome choices, you (of course) want them to be delicious. Here are five of our favorite recipes that are festive, flavorful and just might become a new holiday tradition. Get cooking!

For On-the-Go Snacking: Orange and Pepita Granola

Heather Crosby, author of the YumUniverse cookbook (BenBella Books, Inc.), offers an easy spin on the snack staple that truly hits the spot. (Read our interview with her here.)

For a Cocktail Party: Kale Chips

Skip the heavy hors d’oeuvres and dig into these crunchy, tasty chips instead. Your guests will thank you.

For Breakfast or Brunch: Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Pancakes

A stack of these pancakes, perfectly pumpkin-y and studded with chocolate chips, will go fast on a frosty morning. Make plenty if you’re expecting a crowd—and expect raves.

For a Side Dish: Easy Sautéed Winter Vegetables with Lemon and Mustard

Sometimes you want a dish that falls on the lighter side of, say, butter-and-cream-laced mashed potatoes. This combination of cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cannellini beans and mustard is just that.

For a Cookie Plate: Dark Chocolate Superfood Bars

This treat (pictured above) packs a nutritional wallop but still looks at home on a platter of holiday treats. They would be lovely packed up and given as gifts, too.

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