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Partner Tip: Air Angel Cleans Up

Dodging germs and irritants has become something of a national pastime. We work diligently to ward off flu viruses, eradicate allergens and rid our homes of environmental offenders. And perhaps no population is more concerned with keeping things clean than new parents.

It can be a tough battle. Potential pollutants come at us from outside (pesticides, pollen, radon) and inside (oil fumes, gas, building materials, furnishings, central heating and cooling systems) our homes. But the Air Angel Air Sanifier ($250), by air-purifying specialists Air Oasis, is out to revolutionize the fight. Using an energy efficient, proprietary technology developed originally by NASA, it purifies the air and sanitizes surfaces simultaneously in areas up to 250 square feet in size. That means everything from nurseries to bedrooms to playrooms to hotel rooms to cars can be the absolute cleanest they can be.

The approach is novel. Unlike air purifiers, which push a portion of a room’s air through a filter, Air Angel blows catalytic molecules throughout a space, killing 99 percent of odors (goodbye, diaper-pail smell), air allergens, mold and germs. “Once we acquired the NASA technology, our primary goal was to make it available to the everyday parent to help protect children against germs and viruses, while helping to expedite their recovery from illness,” says Woody Young, co-founder of Air Angel and a father and grandfather. “With outbreaks of preventable diseases and viruses becoming increasingly prevalent, our goal is to give parents peace of mind that the Air Angel’s germ-fighting technology is the best defense system within their home and on the go.”

Developed using leading university research studies by a team of specialists (including Dr. Jeff Bennert, Ph.D., C.T.N., Air Oasis’s medical expert and Air Angel co-founder, and Dr. Nabarun Ghosh, an expert on allergens and air quality), the compact machine has no filter and is essentially maintenance free: Yet another reason why you might not want to live—or leave home—without it.


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