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Best Baby Food

At around four to six months old your newborn will be ready to start eating solid foods. Baby food has come a long way from the glass jars of bland fruits and veggies that used to sit on grocery shelves.

New brands, most of them started by moms, aim to provide fresh and organic baby food for those who are too busy to puree fruits and veggies on their own. We’ve rounded up our favorite baby food brands that use wholesome, organic ingredients so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your little one. And with some of the gourmet ingredient combinations offered, you may actually be sneaking some tastes or your own.

Plum Organics:

Ranging from single fruit and veggie blends to unique combinations like pumpkin, dates, oats, and chia, with these BPA-free pouches you’ll have a budding foodie on your hands in no time! Just Fruit $2 per pouch, Just Veggies $2.50 per pouch and Second Blends $2.50 per pouch.

Ella’s Kitchen:

Started by a concerned father, Ella’s Kitchen products are all about making mealtime fun while also instilling good eating habits at a young age. Now that’s something we can get behind! First Tastes $1.50 each or $10 for pack of 7, Ella’s 1 Baby Foods $2 each or $13 for pack of 7.

Happy Family:

A wide variety of flavor combinations (with winter squash, pear, sweet potato and mango your baby may be eating better than you!) combined with a dedication to organic ingredients and socially responsible practices make this a favorite with moms. Though their mommy treats like the Chocolate Pear Treat Squeeze might be what wins you over. Simple Combos $1.50 each; Available at natural food markets and grocery stores nationwide.

Sprout Organic Foods

Chef Tyler Florence’s influence on Sprout’s baby food is apparent, as the addition of spices like cinnamon and ginger mean that lack of flavor definitely won’t be an issue. Starting Solids (single fruit and veggie purees) $1.50 or $8 for a 5-pack, Fruit & Veggie Blends $2 or $10 for a 5-pack; Sold at grocery stores nationwide.

Yummy Spoonfuls:

These meals are flash-frozen locking in the maximum amount of nutrients and flavor. With 25 different varieties to choose from you won’t be stuck feeding your little one bananas every day and his/her palate will develop faster. 3-pack of 4oz cups are $6.

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