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Moms Tell Us: What's Your Favorite Baby Stroller?

Whether you are a city or suburban mom, finding a stroller that can handle all your daily activities is essential. Because our FitBump moms are an active bunch, a stroller needs to be versatile enough to take on a trail run or just up and down the aisles in the grocery store. So which strollers are the best options? We took to Facebook and Twitter to ask the experts…you all—real moms! Here’s what our fit and fabulous mamas have to say about their favorite strollers that they couldn’t live without. (NOTE: Ranked in no such order)

1. Uppababy Vista

Moms love that these strollers go seamlessly from grocery stores to crowded city streets and can be folded in a snap. If you’re planning on expanding you’re family, the convertible features of the Uppababy strollers will make it easy to push multiple toddlers around town. (Vista $730, Cruz: $460;

What Real Moms Are Saying:

Jillian B. (Facebook): I use the uppababy vista for shopping and around town- the basket is amazingly big and I can do all my grocery shopping without disrupting baby girl. I love that the toddler seat can face both ways and it will easily become a double stroller for next time!
Meg E. (Facebook): I like our UPPAbaby Cruz. It's fairly lightweight, is good on paths & sidewalks & has lots of ways to customize for babies or toddlers.
yogababymama (Instagram):Loving our UPPAbaby Cruz. Versatile for sidewalk or path cruising & has multiple seat variations. Plus, it's super cute!

Bob Revolution

This stroller is designed to log many miles in just about any kind of terrain. So if you’re angling for your little one to be a runner like you someday, start them on the trails early with this sturdy set of wheels! ($460;

What Real Moms Are Saying:

Jillian B. (Facebook): For running I use the Bob revolution. I have struggled finding time for working out since my bean isn't the best napper so the Bob with carseat adapter has allowed me to get a really good workout in with baby in tow! I've even taken it trail running with the dog and everybody is happy! Anne T. (Facebook): BOB!! Perfect for my runs around the Louisiana State University lakes here in Baton Rouge! It's been a great "friend" to me through 2 kids, and my almost 3-year-old son still loves riding in it!
Kipness2 (Instagram): Love the Bob Revolution! Helped me to become a runner and best of all, I can have my peanut with me!
Leslie L. (Twitter): LOVE my BOB revolution!!! I have run many miles with my 3 1/2 yr old!


The royal baby of stroller brands, these functional and fashionable models are perfect for moms and babies who like to strut their stuff in style. Though there’s nothing stopping you from pushing this stroller around suburban streets, Bugaboo’s features are catered to city moms who have to deal with bumpy, crowded sidewalks on a daily basis. (Bee $670;

What Real Moms Are Saying:

Tien-Yueh K. (Facebook): When we head into NYC, we love our Bugaboo.

4.Baby Jogger City Select and City Mini Double

Though these strollers are built perfectly for taking kids along for a powerwalk, it’s lightweight and streamlined design make it just as easy to navigate the city streets. And while the City Mini Double is made for two, the City Select can be easily customized to fit an addition to the family. ($500;

What Real Moms Are Saying:

Tien-Yueh K. (Facebook): As a suburban based mom, I love the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. It fits through a single door, folds up in one bend and handles different terrain fairly well.
Lilette B. (Twitter): I love love my @BabyJogger city select. It has such spacious storage space and many levels of recline. It's perfect!


Perfect for an adventurous family, these strollers and their wide variety of attachment options, will keep baby comfortable while you bike or even ski! ($500-$1,000;

What Real Moms Are Saying:

Paijelidster (Instagram): I love our Chariot! It is soo easy to run/walk with and it can be attached to a bike or skis can be added for the winter

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