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Third Trimester Relief: Three Key Restorative Yoga Poses

The third trimester can bring more than just excitement to meet the little one. Long days working at a desk or being on your feet can aggravate some common issues. These three restorative poses, provided by Deb Flashenberg owner of Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC, can provide relief at anytime of the day. However, we love these to prep for bed at night. Relaxing, soothing and a a bit of down time to connect with baby-to-be.

  1. Supta Baddha Konasana

    Literally means “Reclining Bound Angle Pose.” This pose opens the pelvis, groin, and chest. Additionally, it can be very grounding and soothing. It calms the sympathetic nervous system.

  2. Side Lying Savasana

    Tailbone issues? Need a supportive side position? This is the pose for you. Not only is lying on your side safe in pregnancy, it's a great way to practice Savasana because it can help improve circulation to your growing baby, and your kidneys and uterus.

  3. Single Leg Drain

    By using gravity to your advantage, you can provide relief to the lower body. If you are experiencing swollen feet or ankles later in pregnancy this is a beneficial pose to move any stuck or stagnant fluids that may build up. This is a relaxed version of an inversion that is safe during any trimester.

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