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Test-Drive: Customized Prenatal Fitness For $20 a Session?

As a working, FTM (first-time mom), I am strapped for time. Between learning the ropes about daily pregnancy changes and prepping for the little one’s arrival, my time seems to melt away. I’m lucky to have a walkable commute to the office and a gym in the building (NYC perks!), but I still find myself needing to schedule workouts like business meetings.

What about the moms with an hour commute to work each way? The ones who are juggling a toddler while working from home? With many new on-demand options available, I was curious... what options were there for fit pregnant moms who were tired of the same old workout DVDs, couldn’t always make it to a local class, or needed to spice up an at-home routine? Enter Redux.

The Seattle-based company is striving to eliminate the barriers to healthier living via an online platform that brings top personal trainers directly to clients across the country and around the world via live video. By democratizing a premium service that has been out of reach for many, they are enabling maximum convenience coupled with low cost (pricing as low as $20/ hour long session!).

At 32 weeks pregnant, I scheduled my first session with Jerry Ford, the Chief Trainer and co-founder. Signing up through the platform was quick and simple, and I enjoyed the layout of the dashboard. All you need is a camera on your computer and everything easily syncs up.

Jerry began our session with a quick assessment. What was my current fitness level? Any injuries? What had I been doing prior to pregnancy? What were my goals post-pregnancy? And ~ What equipment did I have on-hand. We immediately began a tailored session that included hand weights, a chair and a yoga mat. Splicing cardio intervals with full-body exercises, I was sweating and loving every minute.

Overall, this was easy, fun, convenient and the hour absolutely flew by. This truly felt like an “in-person” workout. Through the camera, Jerry was able to adjust my form and make modifications where needed. The price is unbeatable, and if you gel with your trainer, you can take them anywhere! Now there is truly no excuse to skip the gym.


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