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10 of Our Favorite Bumps on Instagram

Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of smartphones, it's never been easier to get daily fitness inspiration on demand. No matter your workout or your sport (yoga? CrossFit? barre? running?), someone out there is documenting their every move—and your fitness might just benefit from what they share. This week, we pulled 10 of our favorite fit bumps on Instagram to give you a little boost.


Lots of yoga and fitness—with and without a little sidekick.


This mom of a two-year-old is a CrossFit lover and it shows.


Based on her account, Lacey Yo, who is due in January with her second child, specializes in lovely shots of herself in natural settings.


Actor Amy Davidson, a self-proclaimed yogi, is 23 weeks pregnant and can’t get enough of a good inversion.


Cristina Meloy had her baby girl about a week ago, but she worked a bump with the best of them throughout her pregnancy.


Going for a dip.


A graceful bump maneuver.


This yoga teacher strikes a pose whenever the mood hits.


Certified personal trainer Kirstin Perez is expecting her baby in January.


A Pilates focus.




Lead Photo: @dawnsim

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