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16 Moves, 1 Full-Body Workout, No Gym Required

There are days when a single workout just isn’t enough. So we combined two of our favorites—one for arms, chest, shoulders and back and one for the lower body—to form a stellar full-body workout that is well-balanced, challenging and fun. Start with The Perfect 10 and finish with Guns of Steel. Get ready to get strong.

The Perfect 10: Lower Body
The Setup: Step-ups, sumo squats, split squats, plié squats, walking lunges, squats with side kicks and squat pulses. All sandwiched between two 10-minute walking intervals.

Click here for the full workout.

Get Guns of Steel: Arms, Chest, Shoulders, Back
The Setup: Push-ups—diamond, wide, classic and staggered—with 30 seconds of punches and 30 seconds of uppercuts between each set. Followed by tricep dips and backward crab walks with a 30-second tricep plank held between each set.

Click here for the full workout.

As always, check with your health care professional before starting a new workout.



Photo: Charlotte Jenks Lewis


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