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Workout Tryout: TheRUN

The Basics

With treadmill workouts beginning to challenge indoor cycling in popularity (imagine that), TheRUN sets out to inspire and educate runners and fitness lovers of all levels. It offers four core classes: Shaper (45 minutes, including intervals, form drills and various exercises), Velocity (45 minutes of intervals), Endurance (55 minutes focused on speed endurance) and the Long Run (two hours of running). The sessions take place on state-of-the-art treadmills, which contain 60 different workouts that change daily. The program welcomes pregnant runners, but, “We advise them to run on a manual setting,” says John Henwood, founder of TheRUN and a former Olympian. “They come along for the fun, high-energy atmosphere where they can run with their friends.”

The Experience

We took Velocity. After a short warm-up—and a few minutes spent getting acquainted with our treadmill—we set out for a session of longer intervals (three to five minutes each). Our base pace (8:30 per mile), which we entered into the machine at the beginning, anchored the workout, bringing us back to the base for every recovery. The treadmills’ paddle shifter controls, non-jerky transitions and screen that illustrates the progress of a workout made focusing on the real work much easier. Our session didn’t include form drills, but our instructor did shout out occasional cues. (Even if you’re out on your own, take Henwood’s advice: “Think about running tall, hips forward, chest out, shoulders back, arms angled at approximately 90 degrees and wrists relaxed.”) We wrapped up with a cool-down and some light stretching.

The Verdict

Perfect for the runner that needs additional motivation and prefers the consistency and the feedback of a treadmill. It also makes the treadmill running experience a lot more sociable—and for that we are grateful. $34 per class; 24 W. 25th St.; 646-682-9076;

Photo: Maria Quirogo

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