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Workout Tryout: Drill Fitness

The Basics

Drill Fitness boasts the tagline “Intensity is addictive,” and it doesn’t disappoint. Located in a bright, brand-new facility in TriBeCa, which debuted in early November, Drill deals in a particularly high-energy brand of high-intensity workouts, offering two signature classes—Drill Body: HIIT (a high-octane cardio and strength combo) and Drill Body: FIT (a blend of endurance and strength)—and a pair of Drill Ride indoor cycling options (45- or 60-minute sweat sessions). The locker rooms are clean and well appointed, and an onsite juice bar turns out fresh-pressed juices and smoothies post-workout. (Trust us—you’ll need to refuel.)

The Experience

I tried Drill Body: FIT, at nine months pregnant, no less, with instructor Robert Ramsey. You have the option to wear a heart rate monitor, which not only tracks how hard you’re working, but displays the info on a giant screen at the front of the room. It’s motivating as only real-time data can be; you’ll find yourself striving to have the best numbers on the board. The day’s workout, outlined on a chalkboard, included a challenging mix of exercises using dumbbells, kettle bells, sandbells and suspension training. Things move quickly. Sensitive to my big-as-it-could-get bump, Ramsey suggested modifications for some of the moves and I kept my heart rate in the green and yellow zones (orange and red are where things get serious).

The Verdict

The 50-minute class flew by, and at the end of it everyone was breathless and drenched—a sign that some real work had been done. Me? I had my baby three days later. High-intensity, indeed.

$32 per class; 136 Church St., 212-233-7455;

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