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What’s My Workout: Lori Morris

Lori Morris, one half of the popular Purely Twins, is a certified personal trainer who champions a gluten-free, active lifestyle along with her twin sister, Michelle. The Charlotte, North Carolina, resident, who trains clients via real-time workouts through the online fitness club Purely Fit Life, documented her entire pregnancy on her blog (she is pictured here at 33 weeks)—from how she made her workouts work to why she chose not to do a home birth. Her daughter, Madison, arrived on September 27. Here, Morris shares some of the go-you attitude she carried with her throughout the experience.

Q: Tell us about your go-to workouts before you got pregnant.

A: I do all my workouts at home and love doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and planks.

Q: And how did things change?

A: My workout schedule really didn’t change that much during pregnancy. I was able to keep up with my normal workouts. But going into the third trimester, I took more rest days. It was harder to do some exercises due to the belly, but I got creative. Push-ups were one move that became more difficult the last few weeks, so I did them on a chair. Another move was side lunges, as bending over with a belly was a challenge. I just didn’t go as low in the lunge.

Q: Describe your pregnancy fitness philosophy in three words.

A: Can I have more than three? [Laughs]

Q: Yes!

A: Beautiful mind. Beautiful body. Believing in yourself is important to being successful. Being pregnant does not slow me down but makes me stronger.

Q: That’s worth more words. What surprised you the most about working out while pregnant?

A: What surprised me was that I was able to do just about any exercise that I did before. You always hear do this, don't do that while pregnant, but I never found any of that to be true. I just listened to my body and changed up workouts each week. It was amazing to see what I was still able to do. I modified a few jumping and ab exercises and tried to do more yoga toward the end of my pregnancy. Going into my third trimester, I did more side planks instead of regular planks, as they do not put as much pressure on the belly. Squats and lunges are two other exercises I did regularly, which indirectly work your core. And in regard to jumping, burpees is an example: Toward the end of my pregnancy, I stepped my feet forward and back instead of jumping. It felt more comfortable.

Q: What motivated you to stay so active?

A: My motivation is my baby girl. She inspired me to get moving—to stay active so I can be healthy for her. I did think of some workouts with birth in mind when I was designing them. I would try to incorporate moves that would strengthen me for labor like a variety of leg and core work. But the low squat was the number-one move I did to help for labor! I think being fit before getting pregnant helped me stay healthy and active my whole nine months.

Q: What one piece of advice would you give pregnant women when it comes to continuing and enjoying their workouts?

A: Find some form of exercise that you truly enjoy. If you enjoy it you will continue to do it without a second thought. Discover your inner passion for being active. Do it for you.

Q: I think we tend to forget that sometimes. And what are you specifically looking forward to doing once the baby is born?

A: More sprints, jump rope and more ab work!

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