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Fit Pregnancy

Interviews with moms and moms-to-be, including athletes and trainers, about their strategies for a fit pregnancy.

What’s My Workout: Olivia Ward

The Biggest Loser winner aims to keep fit and moving throughout her first pregnancy.



What’s My Workout: Stephanie Rothstein Bruce

We find out what you get when you mix a surprise second pregnancy with an elite distance runner’s training goals.


What’s My Workout: Rachel Doell

The personal trainer and founder of Daily Routine Fitness is expecting her third child and wants you to get moving.


Fit Follow-Up: Mary Helen Bowers

We catch up with the new mom, former New York City Ballet dancer and founder of Ballet Beautiful, who danced through her pregnancy.



Fit Follow-Up: Alysia Montaño

The elite runner, who became an international sensation for racing at nearly eight months pregnant, is back on the track.


Fit Follow-Up: Rachael Farmer

The competitive climber—and mom of the recently viral rock-climbing toddler, Ellie Farmer—talks scaling rock faces while pregnant and the joys of passing on the love of the sport to her daughter.

What’s My Workout: Sara Brown

After a very surprise pregnancy, the elite runner is staying on track and learning lessons on her way to the 2016 Olympic Trials.


What’s My Workout: Amanda Freeman

The mom-to-be and founder of the boutique workout SLT talks being pregnant in the fitness world and what she looks forward to doing after the baby comes.


Fit Follow-Up: Melissa Lee

The Instagram yoga star, who just had her second child, chats with us about pregnancy yoga and being kind to your expecting self.

Fit Follow-Up: Liz Plosser

SELF magazine’s fitness director and new mom of three talks working out while pregnant and aiming high when it comes to post-baby fitness goals.

What’s My Workout: Carrie Tollefson

The former Olympian and running-world fixture, who is pregnant with her third child, talks family, fitness and how we can, in her own words, "Get after it!"

What’s My Workout: Rebeccah Wassner

The professional triathlete faces down a trickier-than-normal pregnancy while keeping her athletic goals fully in sight.