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The Winter Skincare Pregnancy Routine

  • Editors of FitBump
  • Jan 06 2014

A few weeks ago, Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen posted a picture on Instagram of her fall beauty arsenal: a stash of face oils. I stopped to take note, because the dry, cool weather had started to make my skin feel tighter. The lightweight lotions and cleansers I'd used all summer just weren't cutting it, so it was time to update with something richer and more emollient.

After poking around online, I found these two face oil tell-alls from the beauty experts at Byrdie and Birchbox, which were convincing. It seems that every smart woman (who cares about her skin, that is) should have an oil or two in her beauty regimen. They're leaner and cleaner then you'd expect, and contrary to popular belief, the best face oil will not clog your pores. Moreover, they are packed with plant-based botanicals that perform all kinds of magical functions, including improving the efficacy of your other beauty products and prepping your skin so your makeup looks extra awesome. Sold!

With winter just around the corner, the plush, fast-absorbing delivery system of face oil feels just right--my skin feels softer, smoother, and a lot less parched, even with the heat turned up indoors. And of course, there's no need to deprive the rest of your body of the deep moisturization that comes with using oils. And while oils for the face and body can cost a bit more than cream formulas, they last forever since you just use a wee bit at a time, which makes the investment less painful. Also, many of the formulas are a lot simpler and 'greener' than traditional moisturizers and cosmetics, since oils are a lot more effective in pure form, so moms-to-be can feel good about putting it on their skin every day.

Beautycounter’s Face Oil. This lightweight formula is perfect for oily skin types and is packed with Vitamin C.With sea buckthorn oil—a proven spot-buster—acne and blemishes don’t stand a chance!

L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Skin Renewal. If you’re looking for an effective face oil to add to your skincare regiment without breaking the bank, then this is product should definitely be at the top of your list. For under $20 you will be on your way to younger, more radiant looking skin in no time!

Josie Maran’s Argan Oil. Add this product to your post-shower routine to lock in moisture. Dry and dull winter skin doesn’t stand a chance.

Aromatherapy Associates’ Renew Rose Massage and Body Oil. I love rubbing this on my hands and feet before bedtime as a little make-shift massage. It lasts so much longer then plain old hand cream and fees a lot more luxurious.

By Biba Milioto of Elizabeth Street