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Finding Confidence Post-Baby

  • Editors of FitBump
  • Dec 10 2013

Most first-time moms like me spend ten months being Pregnant with a capital P.  We spend hours on the internet researching for the best book to tell us what to expect during our pregnancy, the best body pillow, the most effective prenatal exercise classes, and the most flattering maternity dresses. So much focus is placed on being the glowing mother-to-be and effortlessly carrying a growing bump, that even though we try to prepare ourselves for the baby, we are really going through what is one of the most self-centered period in our lives.  

At the end of the ten months, you are so used to putting your body and your happiness above all else because the baby was an extension of you, but now you become secondary in the equation.  You don’t even realize it, but every ounce of what you are goes into providing the best care for your little baby. At the same time I was breastfeeding my daughter, and feeling so powerful to be directly providing nutrients to another life, I was also suffering from extremely low self-esteem as I would glance in the mirror and see someone who hadn’t had time to shower in 3 days. 

Au Lait is the brainchild of that experience.  On top of everything that a new mother is going through, I just want to provide an easy solution for the nursing mother to feel better about herself when she is looking in the mirror. The outward function and comfort of the clothing line is important to me, my primary goal is to take care of how the mother feels inside. Only when a mom is happy and loving herself can she be the best mother she can be, so here are some ways that I have personally found helpful in preserving my identity and happiness while caring for a newborn. 

I made the time to get dressed in the morning and really studied how to use my old clothes to make sure I am looking my most confident at the start of the day, even though I will never be the size I was before. I made the time spent picking out outfits with Avery an opportunity when I teach her silly words like “lofty” when describing sweaters or colors like “aubergine” instead of saying purple.

For many new moms, lack of confidence keeps them cooped up inside for the first few months as a parent. Though one-on-one time with your precious bundle of joy is important, you’ve got to venture out sometime! But there are so many new factors you have to consider and nursing in public can be uncomfortable at first. That’s why I made sure Au Lait’s tops provide complete privacy to the mother when breastfeeding and are designed to make you feel beautiful.