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Germ-Fighting Delivered to Your Doorstep

It seems like everyday there is a new box service launching. From snacks, to clothing, to puppy treats and more. But when I heard about the first online retailer for germ-fighting products, I was intrigued. As a first-time mom-to-be, germs are top of mind, but why do I need a box service to deliver cleaning supplies that I already buy at the store? SQUIX had my answer.

SQUIX is a one-stop shop for all things germ-related. This isn’t an online storefront for your mother’s cleaning products. Innovation is at the forefront, with a focus on products that have built-in germ-fighting technology. We were impressed with the selection of antibacterial yoga mats, sport bottles and phone chargers. And with eleven categories including Travel, Baby, Electronics, Sports, and Pets, they have you completely covered.

SQUIX provides a monthly box service, tailored to your needs, or you can shop a la carte on the site. We received a Mom & Baby box, with products that address germ-fighting from baby to toddler stages. The cleaning products (Me4kidz Wips; Babyganics Foam Sanitizer; SQUIX hand sanitizer) were essential daily basics, and we loved the physical products to help keep the little one safe (Ju-ju-Be Paci Pod; RuMe Mat).

Overall, we appreciated how SQUIX sources and delivers unique products to enhance your germ quest, making life a little easier while you’re focusing on your newborn or toddler. Who couldn’t use an extra (clean) helping hand?

Quick Tip:

Check out SQUIX’s top 10 checklist for a hardcore spring-cleaning or when you’re in the nesting zone.

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